Live,accept and move on!

Sometimes… it happens your life , you come across people who don’t like you for who you are , no matter how hard you try, how persistent you are… always face rejection! Your life becomes full of it…u    feel rejected…turned a black sheep!! No matter how hard you bang their door…they intend to keep it shut.You become tired, u become remorseful , u feel guilty  for every reason they  turned u out…..their thoughts..their opinions.. block your mind,buckle your don’t want to stay there…but u don’t want to move either… u just sit there,knelt down…numb … staring at the closed door, u still kindle the hope  for it to be open…..

That’s where you are mistaken…..!!

Ask yourself one question…

Do these people make up the whole world?  If the answer is affirmative… then stay there till the fate calls!!

 But if ..the answer is NO..  then get up!! This is not your place, those are not your people ,no one ignores the efforts of people they love.

Blink your eyes, unbuckle your knees,clear your mind and open your heart!

  There are many more out there… who are ready to accept who you are,even if you are not upto their standards… they would love you for your efforts… those …are your people!!

We are not perfect ..and neither is the world!

  What truely matters is the strive! Strive  to walk past the barriers, to cross the lines. You don’t learn to live by immitating others,you don’t learn it from avoiding the mistakes of others either…! You learn to live life only by living it..

You throw yourself to life…live it with your people and on your conditions.. You need to learn that  life is a journey.. not a destination!!  Sometimes journey is smooth.. sometimes rough..sometimes u get sunshine…sometimes storms..but you can’t stop…u shouldn’t..  you ought to keep moving in order to keep surviving.

 You make and stay and fall and lose and find….  these all make sense..things are ought to be difficult and messy!! That’s where  the  fun lies …

    You will not stay at the same place forever… time runs,u will too!!  So  don’t break for those who don’t need you!! Who don’t respond to your feelings ,  they have turned their backs…they made their decisions ….and so will YOU!

   Don’t regret! Certainly there will be things better then that…u just need to adjust the lens.

  Sometimes, life becomes tangled just to make sure that things fall into their proper   place!

  And …who knows. … day things mould themselves exactly the way you wanted them to be..naturally.. effortlessly!! But for that to must keep moving on..

 Afterall…. life is a journey..and journeys are destined to be travelled….โ˜บโ˜บ


13 thoughts on “Live,accept and move on!

  1. Amazing post dear, its like it is speaking to me directly. I have decided to move on too. There are billions of people in the world. If some feel they are too important and treat you worthlessly. You shouldn’t hesitate to kick them away. Love this post. Hope to see more


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