X-  You don’t understand! U r suffering!!u need help!

Y-  what do u mean! I don’t need any help!! I m fine.. 

X-  no! U r not! U need to talk..

Y(snorts) it’s fine! I can handle!! I m a strong person..

I laughed under my breath! 

I was watching this exchange,and the last statement stung me bitterly..!

 Why the hell do u think you are strong!

 Just because u keep hiding your problems!

 Just because you feel shame in sharing!

Or just because you r too proud to let others in…..

 I object….! My Lords and ladies…

That’s bullshit…!😠

 When these so called strong people try to sell me this..! I don’t buy it for a penny..

 Wearing a  facade of strength does not make u eligible to claim the title!!

It just fucks your mind..

There are three types of people, out there in the world…!

First one….Real pussies! 

They cry over their problems,publicize it, and ask for sympathies…they need everything served on a silver platter!          The level mentioned here…is of no level at all!!

The second ones…                                              are a level ahead..!

 These are the ones with strong demeanor!  Tough macho acts ! hollow insides!!            Just like a giant forest tree … invaded by termites..!          .                                                           Proud and confused, they remain stuck in the swamp of their delusionary strength…

Yeah…they r messed up…..badly!

 But the third ones…

  The third ones are the real strengtholders..

 They are the ones who actually possess strength!  these people are the real alphas! They don’t have a skyrocketing ego…!  They are sure and focused!!       They don’t feel shame in sharing their problems because they are fine with the help given

These people do not say -” I can do that on my own!i m strong!

Instead… they say..” yeah! i can do that on my own! but it would be hell lot of fun when someone else helps me in doing it..!

That’s the most remarkable thing about strong people.

They not only posses strength.. but radiate that too!

  They let others help them, because they are well aware of the core phenomenon that generates strength…


 They know the power of this simple act.  By asking for help, they not only save their time and energy but also open the doors for others to come closer..for walls to break .. and for bonds to strengthen…!!                                                      They fight the fascinating illusions of strength and feel honored by the blisters of failures!!

They don’t require validations….they are their own masters!

 The second ones i mentioned…. are the ones who immitate strength.

How to recognize them…??

Pishawww…that’s easy!

They are unquestionably rude!

Their confidence leans like the tower of Pisa..yet their egos stand tall like the great wall of china..

They cleverly disguise their fears and insecurities behind the mask of stiffness. These people reflect negetivity… though they don’t tend to!!

 That’s the difference between strong and weak people..

 Strong people find positive vibes to resonate with  their   emotions. Their thoughts are not vague and unformulated, there is an organization,even in a very simple act..   On the other side…weak folks are so stagnant.. that they unintentionally link themselves to negetive vibrations ….they have a fading aura…just like that of a dusky sun….blending in the dark horizon..!!

Well…i m not a shrink…so i can’t possibly conclude this thing!


 I am extending this question to u…my reader

As a gift from me….the seeder

The question that stood for the umpteenth time..!

Is your strength real..?                                            or is it just a mime..!!☺



31 thoughts on “Strong…! Are you??

  1. i would like to think so.
    is refusing help, strength?
    knowing, alone we’ll stumble.
    but realizing, the help
    would exploit.
    Maybe surviving decisions, then.
    or maybe there is strength
    in being weak to ask.
    in being scared to bare.
    maybe there is strength
    in knowing, its okay
    to be frail.

    profound post……..you bring out some great points.

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    1. Yes..it definitely requires strength to survive on our own…but it is accompanied by fear of failures and rejections…when we ask for help ,it liberates us from all the fear ..u maybe refused once…u may feel abandoned.. but it gives u strength to stand up again…real strength lies here …in liberation from fear…!!

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  2. Omg girl !! Why is this exactly what I was talking about in that response!😳 that dialogue along is sooo true !! People really do take pride in “wearing a facade of strength “! You hit the nail right on the head 🙌🏾 Trying to front and ignore problems can only make them worse . Not saying these people aren’t “strong or wise enough ” to handle certain things theirselves. But I personally had to admit to myself that if I would’ve just been real with myself and peers I could’ve gotten myself out of that hole a long time ago!

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  3. From a shrink –
    Resilience is the ability to bounce back after the worst calamities and be kind to humanity.
    And not become bitter , yes it can be interpreted as strength.
    Sharing problems needs a holding environment from childhood.
    That one parent uncle, aunt ,teacher , grandparent , someone who you could go to when things fell apart.
    We are all sculpted by our experiences. To be honest , to be self critical , to admit we made a mistake is a luxury that was emotionally gifted to us by someone somewhere who gave us their time, care, affection , honestly. So let us not categorise strong and weak in two boxes, life is dynamic, we all periodically become strong or weak , these are not rigid constructs.
    And if surrounded by abusers , bullies , we need that false mask for survival , face saving measures we do need when in hostile surroundings….. Amidst friends we can be honest,
    Liked your thought provoking post.

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    1. Thanks for this Intrudesite… You added the icing to this deliciously brain stimulating post. Surroundings, contexts and situations really have a strong opinion on how we eventually turn out. Because even your will alone might not be sufficient to pull you through, hence the facade and anti social behaviour…. Thanks once again. Learned today😊😊

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  4. So Apoorvachouhan, You have made my morning. This post rocked my mind. Got me thinking for real and i discovered that i have been through all 3 phases and I am currently on the 3rd. But we need to be careful because in reality, not everyone you ask for help will want to help you, some just want stories to tell others, some want to take advantage and see what they can get from you and some would help and want to take all the credit for it, assuming wrongly now that u own your success to them. Honey this is reality, I’m sure you know. Finding people who can help and really help is rare and is a really amazing thing when it happens. Hence, the necessity of a facade when you recognize the wolves in sheep’s skin and pulling it off when surrounding by the real deal. Amazing post my dear friend. Loved it.😍😍

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    1. Yes..u r right!! But what’s the need to pull this mask in front of those people who r ur real well-wishers…we all have some of them…
      I really feel sorry for those who r not strong enough to share their feelings even with their close ones😃

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  5. True bravery is knowing that you don’t need to be strong all the time.You just need to b real even if its your vulnerability face it ,accepting and embracing your vulnerability is not weakness its strength.

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