I m NOT nice!

picture by me…

Trust me, i mean it!

But that doesn’t mean that i am selfish , arrogant or bitchy!!

I m still a good person , not nice though!

I am definitely kind, just not NICE !

I came across many nice people, or as they were claimed to be, but not one….not one struck my cord!!!


Because, they were too flexible to do that!!

“NICENESS” is a typically misunderstood concept.

Instead of being apprehensive ,, “nice people” are actually the folks with an OCD of pleasing everybody in the room! They do not offend others by bringing their opinions to the table.Demureness is their valuable possession ..!

The term nice is cleverly used as an euphemism for being spineless and never rowing the boat.

Things are always even with nice people! no crests, no troughs…just plane and simple trail! easy huh! not so much…

Easy paths, often mislead…

The validation u get from them is often false, and the basic problem is…u get blindfolded because it has already been sugercoated ..

And who says suger is good? medicines are bitter… still, they save lives!!

That’s the difference between NICENESS and KINDNESS…

Niceness can be a charade, kindness is true..

Niceness comforts ur ego, kindness comforts ur soul..

Nice things wither, kindness lasts forever!!

So, why do u think the “Nobel prize” is not given in the catagory of ” NICENESS” huh??

Nice people don’t stay nice forever..

with time , they collect tons of shit in their heads. The frustration of letting people walk all over them , chokes their emotional centres!! Their thoughts get poisoned and they become bitter!!

On the other side,, kind people don’t run for validations of others.Instead, they just do what needs to be done! They deserve every ounce of respect, because they work to make the world a better place, instead of bullshitting it with NICENESS.

I bet, nothing’s more attractive then a simple act of kindness!!

I completely agree on the goodness of NICENESS though, but u don’t need to be an epitome of it!! Do not let it crush your self respect and pride!

its just not natural!

You need to know, that…

its Oky to be bold.

Its Oky to be edgy.

Its Oky to be uncompromising.

Its Oky to not to please.

You just need to be HONEST, to be KIND and completely FAIR!!

SO,here’s the thing……

Being polite and flashing colgate ( or whatever toothpaste crap ) smile is not the same as being legitimately, honestly and heartwarmingly kind!!

You need to stick to the character of your convictions in order to be respected and loved!!

Its Oky to fake it till u make it ,,but …..you can’t always fake the funk….remember that!!!



17 thoughts on “I m NOT nice!

  1. thought this might tickle your funny bone ,nice originally meant foolish, stupid
    careless, clumsy weak poor, needy, simple, stupid, silly, foolish
    Latin -my favorite “ignorant” so its a good thing your not nice lol πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

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  2. This was not a nice post! it was a kind post. πŸ˜› I totally agree. I have seen nice people going through frustration at times. it really breaks bad. You have presented the difference in an apt way. well done.. πŸ™‚


  3. this is good……..your frustration, it seems, weighed too much on you while writing………just don’t hurt anyone without any reason…… ;D ;D

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