Loneliness and Solitude!

Loneliness and Solitude!

Do u think loneliness and solitude are same??

I think they are not!!


Loneliness is a wound , Solitude is healing!

Loneliness is needy, Solitude is bestowing!

Loneliness is diluting, Solitude is enhancing!

Loneliness is constructing, Solitude is destroying!

Loneliness is the pain, Solitude is the healing…

Loneliness is disreputable…

Solitude is WORTHY !!



Her pneumatic heart…

Her pneumatic heart…

 Her heart seems hollow, to the heirs of  hypocrisy..

 They don’t know , her heart is an ardor of  intimacy.

 She has the power to  keep  and the courage to  let go…

 She is the SPACE, in which, the life can  grow.

 The empty spaces in her heart , don’t mean she’s wrong,,

 They are an omen, that she indeed , is very  strong !!

 For , she can create spaces to  grow

To  live ,  adapt  and love to  flow!!

 Don’t ever perceive her to not to be  strong!!!

 Because, maybe…her heart is just empty ,,

Until…..the right person comes along !