The scythe of death,

               carved his corpse…

              To crown for Battle,

             he never fought .

           The world was why…??

          so insane!!!!

         He fought for  LIFE,

        but wreathen for  DEATH


I m NOT nice!

picture by me…

Trust me, i mean it!

But that doesn’t mean that i am selfish , arrogant or bitchy!!

I m still a good person , not nice though!

I am definitely kind, just not NICE !

I came across many nice people, or as they were claimed to be, but not one….not one struck my cord!!!


Because, they were too flexible to do that!!

“NICENESS” is a typically misunderstood concept.

Instead of being apprehensive ,, “nice people” are actually the folks with an OCD of pleasing everybody in the room! They do not offend others by bringing their opinions to the table.Demureness is their valuable possession ..!

The term nice is cleverly used as an euphemism for being spineless and never rowing the boat.

Things are always even with nice people! no crests, no troughs…just plane and simple trail! easy huh! not so much…

Easy paths, often mislead…

The validation u get from them is often false, and the basic problem is…u get blindfolded because it has already been sugercoated ..

And who says suger is good? medicines are bitter… still, they save lives!!

That’s the difference between NICENESS and KINDNESS…

Niceness can be a charade, kindness is true..

Niceness comforts ur ego, kindness comforts ur soul..

Nice things wither, kindness lasts forever!!

So, why do u think the “Nobel prize” is not given in the catagory of ” NICENESS” huh??

Nice people don’t stay nice forever..

with time , they collect tons of shit in their heads. The frustration of letting people walk all over them , chokes their emotional centres!! Their thoughts get poisoned and they become bitter!!

On the other side,, kind people don’t run for validations of others.Instead, they just do what needs to be done! They deserve every ounce of respect, because they work to make the world a better place, instead of bullshitting it with NICENESS.

I bet, nothing’s more attractive then a simple act of kindness!!

I completely agree on the goodness of NICENESS though, but u don’t need to be an epitome of it!! Do not let it crush your self respect and pride!

its just not natural!

You need to know, that…

its Oky to be bold.

Its Oky to be edgy.

Its Oky to be uncompromising.

Its Oky to not to please.

You just need to be HONEST, to be KIND and completely FAIR!!

SO,here’s the thing……

Being polite and flashing colgate ( or whatever toothpaste crap ) smile is not the same as being legitimately, honestly and heartwarmingly kind!!

You need to stick to the character of your convictions in order to be respected and loved!!

Its Oky to fake it till u make it ,,but …..you can’t always fake the funk….remember that!!!


Who is she…??

She is a Myth…

She is a Mystery!

She fights her daemons…

 She Owns her scars..!

She delves into chaos…

And walks on the sword.

Fallen from the Himmel…

And Rose from the Hell..

She is ordinary…

She is a Legend !!!

She is fierce…

She is wild ,,

Just like  A  PHOENIX …

Burnt in the pyre…

Born from the Ashes…

                   – Apoorva Chouhan..

Himmel is a German word for heaven!

The Singlehood 

The Singlehood 

If you are single and bewailing,

feel resented and complaining…

You are not worthy

You are not worthy..

 Rejecting urself and the surrounding,

and if you are thinking of rebounding..

You are not worthy

You are not worthy..

You are not single,to sit alone and sulk,

and if you are carrying this,as a bulk…

You are not worthy 

You are not worthy..

Sitting at the window,to see world growing ,

refusing the privileges without even knowing…

You are not worthy 

You are not worthy..

If you’re stealing present,for past to brood!

You’re not worthy of this luxury called ..

             ” The SINGLEHOOD “

                        –  Apoorva Chouhan 

This is a toast to all single people…

Singlehood is an incredible period..

Live , learn and create…

Enjoy this incredible phase..it’s not gonna come back..

The thought!!

Some powers are not to be lent…

Words and Validations are two of them.

 Words are powerful! Do not let others influence them.

Your dreams are worthy! Do not let others validate them…..

                            – Apoorva Chouhan 

Strong…! Are you??

Strong…! Are you??

X-  You don’t understand! U r suffering!!u need help!

Y-  what do u mean! I don’t need any help!! I m fine.. 

X-  no! U r not! U need to talk..

Y(snorts) it’s fine! I can handle!! I m a strong person..

I laughed under my breath! 

I was watching this exchange,and the last statement stung me bitterly..!

 Why the hell do u think you are strong!

 Just because u keep hiding your problems!

 Just because you feel shame in sharing!

Or just because you r too proud to let others in…..

 I object….! My Lords and ladies…

That’s bullshit…!😠

 When these so called strong people try to sell me this..! I don’t buy it for a penny..

 Wearing a  facade of strength does not make u eligible to claim the title!!

It just fucks your mind..

There are three types of people, out there in the world…!

First one….Real pussies! 

They cry over their problems,publicize it, and ask for sympathies…they need everything served on a silver platter!          The level mentioned here…is of no level at all!!

The second ones…                                              are a level ahead..!

 These are the ones with strong demeanor!  Tough macho acts ! hollow insides!!            Just like a giant forest tree … invaded by termites..!          .                                                           Proud and confused, they remain stuck in the swamp of their delusionary strength…

Yeah…they r messed up…..badly!

 But the third ones…

  The third ones are the real strengtholders..

 They are the ones who actually possess strength!  these people are the real alphas! They don’t have a skyrocketing ego…!  They are sure and focused!!       They don’t feel shame in sharing their problems because they are fine with the help given

These people do not say -” I can do that on my own!i m strong!

Instead… they say..” yeah! i can do that on my own! but it would be hell lot of fun when someone else helps me in doing it..!

That’s the most remarkable thing about strong people.

They not only posses strength.. but radiate that too!

  They let others help them, because they are well aware of the core phenomenon that generates strength…


 They know the power of this simple act.  By asking for help, they not only save their time and energy but also open the doors for others to come closer..for walls to break .. and for bonds to strengthen…!!                                                      They fight the fascinating illusions of strength and feel honored by the blisters of failures!!

They don’t require validations….they are their own masters!

 The second ones i mentioned…. are the ones who immitate strength.

How to recognize them…??

Pishawww…that’s easy!

They are unquestionably rude!

Their confidence leans like the tower of Pisa..yet their egos stand tall like the great wall of china..

They cleverly disguise their fears and insecurities behind the mask of stiffness. These people reflect negetivity… though they don’t tend to!!

 That’s the difference between strong and weak people..

 Strong people find positive vibes to resonate with  their   emotions. Their thoughts are not vague and unformulated, there is an organization,even in a very simple act..   On the other side…weak folks are so stagnant.. that they unintentionally link themselves to negetive vibrations ….they have a fading aura…just like that of a dusky sun….blending in the dark horizon..!!

Well…i m not a shrink…so i can’t possibly conclude this thing!


 I am extending this question to u…my reader

As a gift from me….the seeder

The question that stood for the umpteenth time..!

Is your strength real..?                                            or is it just a mime..!!☺


Live,accept and move on!

Sometimes… it happens your life , you come across people who don’t like you for who you are , no matter how hard you try, how persistent you are…..you always face rejection! Your life becomes full of it…u    feel rejected…turned out..like a black sheep!! No matter how hard you bang their door…they intend to keep it shut.You become tired, u become remorseful , u feel guilty  for every reason they  turned u out…..their thoughts..their opinions.. block your mind,buckle your knees..you don’t want to stay there…but u don’t want to move either… u just sit there,knelt down…numb … staring at the closed door, u still kindle the hope  for it to be open…..

That’s where you are mistaken…..!!

Ask yourself one question…

Do these people make up the whole world?  If the answer is affirmative… then stay there till the fate calls!!

 But if ..the answer is NO..  then get up!! This is not your place, those are not your people ,no one ignores the efforts of people they love.

Blink your eyes, unbuckle your knees,clear your mind and open your heart!

  There are many more out there… who are ready to accept who you are,even if you are not upto their standards… they would love you for your efforts… those …are your people!!

We are not perfect ..and neither is the world!

  What truely matters is the strive! Strive  to walk past the barriers, to cross the lines. You don’t learn to live by immitating others,you don’t learn it from avoiding the mistakes of others either…! You learn to live life only by living it..

You throw yourself to life…live it with your people and on your conditions.. You need to learn that  life is a journey.. not a destination!!  Sometimes journey is smooth.. sometimes rough..sometimes u get sunshine…sometimes storms..but you can’t stop…u shouldn’t..  you ought to keep moving in order to keep surviving.

 You make and break..you stay and leave..you fall and learn..you lose and find….  these all make sense..things are ought to be difficult and messy!! That’s where  the  fun lies …

    You will not stay at the same place forever… time runs,u will too!!  So  don’t break for those who don’t need you!! Who don’t respond to your feelings ,  they have turned their backs…they made their decisions ….and so will YOU!

   Don’t regret! Certainly there will be things better then that…u just need to adjust the lens.

  Sometimes, life becomes tangled just to make sure that things fall into their proper   place!

  And …who knows. …maybe..one day things mould themselves exactly the way you wanted them to be..naturally.. effortlessly!! But for that to happen..you must keep moving on..

 Afterall…. life is a journey..and journeys are destined to be travelled….☺☺

What is life?

Life is all abt discovering urself!..discovering urself through all thicks n  thins,through all ups n downs,through all favourable and unfavorable circumstances. LIFE, refers to how u handle urself when the whole world lies at ur feet or turns around.  Life is about hope ,its about trust , trust in urself!Trust,,, which is pillar of your dreams ,even when the whole world believes that they will never become true

Cries!! Don’t cry!they will make u weak, ur tears are made for joy, not for sorrows, that the world has plated for you!

When the whole world says stop! Turn around,!u r no longer fit for this! And even when a part of  you says yes, they r right! U r not putting enough efforts, this is not working!!!! Give up! Maybe some other time,!this is not ur day,hour,minute ,second etc…….then STOP!! STOP !TURN AROUND and SLAP IT!!!!

Slap that part of you that is not by your side, its a backstabber!!!

Yes! Be a dictator!! Be a dictator for ur dreams! Be stubborn…. be Bold!

Life is all about this training.

Train yourself to face this world….It was always like this and it will remain like this!

Everyone n everything comes to u with certain conditions..so don’t seek for anything unconditional! it doesn’t EXIST!

TO TRAIN  urself to except this truth is life!! No one in this whole world is your then you,  no one can suffer your sufferings , no one can feel your joy! They can just stand by ur side!! So include everyone in ur joys because that would increase ur positivity!!

Even though you may be failing right now! And the world would have started scolding you with its high pitched voice…





 SCREAM as loudly as you can!scream to break the glass! Scream to such a frequency that the whole world becomes numb!! Scream to tell them that you are no longer to their mercy! You are the master of your own destiny.

 Try to be calm and have a smile when the whole world says ,its better for you to die!!!

They are fools!!

 They don’t know that they had no control over your ENTRY!:)how can they just decide your EXIT!!

  You are here to live! So live your life! Don’t ruin your life on bare philosophical views of others!!

 Surely…there will be moments when you will break!! Bitterly… into pieces!more or less microparticles! When u will have no will to go further..no will to walk on your chosen path…no strength to work for it…and when u r left   with BIG  slot of negativity, resentment, frustration, self pity and every f*****g feeling that reminds you of hell!!



 TRICK of your mind to swirl you off! It is designed like that…it is designed to hibernate when it is close to cross its limits! LAW OF INERTIA  applies on it too!! Your mind will definitely resist!it will protest! But you,! You will have to remain unaffected.. because this time …you are very very close to cross your limits!!

 Eventhough it seems to be an impossible task ! Gather urself! Each and every particle…upto the molecules, upto atoms, upto electrons, protons,neutrons ,quarks!! Everything!!

You better do it! Because no one would come to fix it !

FOCUS… your whole binding energy towards negetive energies and let them collide!! There will be COLLISION, EXPLOSION!  release of thousands of amount of energy! Burn your old self in it! Burn yourself completely… don’t b afraid  of losing your identity!  No…. its not what you think…

Let that energy get through every inch of yourself…. your blood, your brain, your nerves, your viens! It will rejuvenate you..

EXPLOSIONS  are necessary for life…

 Don’t forget! That this whole universe…that is f*****g  you everyday! was built by an explosion…

 The BIG BANG!!!

 boooooooooooooooom!! :)☺