What is life?

Life is all abt discovering urself!..discovering urself through all thicks n  thins,through all ups n downs,through all favourable and unfavorable circumstances. LIFE, refers to how u handle urself when the whole world lies at ur feet or turns around.  Life is about hope ,its about trust , trust in urself!Trust,,, which is pillar of your dreams ,even when the whole world believes that they will never become true

Cries!! Don’t cry!they will make u weak, ur tears are made for joy, not for sorrows, that the world has plated for you!

When the whole world says stop! Turn around,!u r no longer fit for this! And even when a part of  you says yes, they r right! U r not putting enough efforts, this is not working!!!! Give up! Maybe some other time,!this is not ur day,hour,minute ,second etc…….then STOP!! STOP !TURN AROUND and SLAP IT!!!!

Slap that part of you that is not by your side, its a backstabber!!!

Yes! Be a dictator!! Be a dictator for ur dreams! Be stubborn…. be Bold!

Life is all about this training.

Train yourself to face this world….It was always like this and it will remain like this!

Everyone n everything comes to u with certain conditions..so don’t seek for anything unconditional! it doesn’t EXIST!

TO TRAIN  urself to except this truth is life!! No one in this whole world is your then you,  no one can suffer your sufferings , no one can feel your joy! They can just stand by ur side!! So include everyone in ur joys because that would increase ur positivity!!

Even though you may be failing right now! And the world would have started scolding you with its high pitched voice…





 SCREAM as loudly as you can!scream to break the glass! Scream to such a frequency that the whole world becomes numb!! Scream to tell them that you are no longer to their mercy! You are the master of your own destiny.

 Try to be calm and have a smile when the whole world says ,its better for you to die!!!

They are fools!!

 They don’t know that they had no control over your ENTRY!:)how can they just decide your EXIT!!

  You are here to live! So live your life! Don’t ruin your life on bare philosophical views of others!!

 Surely…there will be moments when you will break!! Bitterly… into pieces!more or less microparticles! When u will have no will to go further..no will to walk on your chosen path…no strength to work for it…and when u r left   with BIG  slot of negativity, resentment, frustration, self pity and every f*****g feeling that reminds you of hell!!



 TRICK of your mind to swirl you off! It is designed like that…it is designed to hibernate when it is close to cross its limits! LAW OF INERTIA  applies on it too!! Your mind will definitely resist!it will protest! But you,! You will have to remain unaffected.. because this time …you are very very close to cross your limits!!

 Eventhough it seems to be an impossible task ! Gather urself! Each and every particle…upto the molecules, upto atoms, upto electrons, protons,neutrons ,quarks!! Everything!!

You better do it! Because no one would come to fix it !

FOCUS… your whole binding energy towards negetive energies and let them collide!! There will be COLLISION, EXPLOSION!  release of thousands of amount of energy! Burn your old self in it! Burn yourself completely… don’t b afraid  of losing your identity!  No…. its not what you think…

Let that energy get through every inch of yourself…. your blood, your brain, your nerves, your viens! It will rejuvenate you..

EXPLOSIONS  are necessary for life…

 Don’t forget! That this whole universe…that is f*****g  you everyday! was built by an explosion…

 The BIG BANG!!!

 boooooooooooooooom!! :)☺



52 thoughts on “What is life?

  1. Nice thoughts… Many people think about this once in the life but they feel, to whom they can say…. You showed them don’t need to say anyone…. just do what you want make yourself happy and people related to became happy after seeing u happy… When they talk to u happy… Once again nice thoughts…. Share more to explore more…

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  2. Interesting read, fantastic how your thoughts run all over and how you bring out humor while writing a post that could be imagined to be a pretty serious one.. Absolutely Enjoyed the ending too!
    Looking forward to many more from you! Keep writing! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You don’t have to thank me,I enjoyed reading your posts!
        Oh,I see.. Guess I can welcome you on behalf of this wonderful community called WordPress! You’ll soon see it’s a wonderful place this.. Filled with some amazingly wonderful people!! So Blog your heart out and spend some leisure time enjoy other’s fantastic blogs. Also, Looking at the quality of your posts, you’ll get a whole lot of followers in no time!! Happy blogging! πŸ™‚

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  3. I imagined a mic drop in the end!!” *boooom*
    This is so true…….there is nothing that will can not accomplish…….you just need to stay committed and dictate your terms!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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      1. whyy sorry……drop the mic……kill the speakers…..its not mine…….just leave the connecting wires……..they are pretty useful….and we don’t have to be savages πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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